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Tapeinochilas Ananasse "Yellow Indonesian Wax Ginger"
# TC-03

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A wonderful variety with relations to red indo.wax, comes a species with large greenish/yellow stiff, waxy inflorescent basaly and terminal. Small yellow flowers appear between the barbed like bracts. Excellent for cut flower.

Tapeinochilus Ananassae (Indonesian Wax Ginger)
# TC-01

$ 16.95
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One of the most marvelous flowers in the industry. The stately dark red, cone shape bract similar to an upside down pineapple is colossal and enhanced with vivid yellow flowers appearing within the basal bract. Foliage is lush with soft fuzzy leaves spiraling around a bamboo type canes. A distinct plus to any tropical landscape! One of our favorites!


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