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How To Shop

2- How do I use the Shopping Cart ?
When you find what you're looking for you can add it to your 'Shopping Cart'. The 'Shopping Cart' will keep track of items you have selected for your convenience. This does not mean you have to Purchase the items you have selected.

The Shopping Cart will remember or hold all the items you have selected until you are ready to Purchase or Checkout. When you find an item you want click the 'Add to Cart' button, and that item will be placed into your Shopping Cart. Just like having an assistant !

Your Shopping Cart and selections are viewable by clicking on the 'View Cart' link at anytime. You have the liberty of removing items you don't want by clicking the 'Remove' button at the bottom of your Shopping Cart.

*** Please NOTE - The Shopping Cart only remembers your selections during your current visit. When you leave the site or close your browser window, your Shopping Cart is erased.

You can purchase all items on our site using a Credit Card, or sending us a cheque.


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